Would you choose privacy? or a view?

Windows in the bathroom are a tricky subject. They require a commitment to windex and blinds, or at the very least, shutters.

But oh, the light they bring in!

Shutters? Drapes? horizontal blinds? vertical?

how do we treat a window like this?

Well, here is my favorite solution... up and down blinds!

cordless blinds by Select Blinds Canada

What works so great about these, is that you can achieve a bit of privacy, without giving up the light. You can pull the blind up once you are in the tub, or let the light in the top half of the window. while achieving privacy from the shoulders down when getting out of the shower.

Privacy and Light!

Your welcome.

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Yeah. I said it. Renvoations are HARD.

There are decisions to be made, financing to figure out, money to be spent. This stuff is not easy.

So here’s what I can offer you.

We can sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about your project.

We can talk about your family’s unique needs.

We can talk about keeping VS ripping out that drafty, romantic fireplace.

Are you building an addition? or looking for ways to add more functional space in the existing footprint?

We can talk about all this, and more.

And when we get to the point where it’s time to put your new plan into action, we can talk about who to hire and what to do yourself.

Because that is what I do. I help you have the best renovation you can.

I understand this is hard, but I can help.


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