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Tips for surviving your Renovation Part 1- FOOD

Imagine you are lost in the woods and need a few basic needs for survival.

1. Food

2. Shelter

3. Clothing

The good news? You're not lost in the woods! You're renovating!

Here are some tips to address your basic needs, as well as a few wants that probably feel like needs.


Now is not the time to learn how to make a risotto. If your project involves making any changes to the kitchen, or losing kitchen function for a few weeks (months?), you'll need to plan ways to nourish your body without adding additional stress to your life. I strongly recommend setting up a temporary kitchen. This can be kind of like camping, or it can be kind of like living in a dorm again. Here are my tips for eating well while your living in a mess.

  1. Make Good Choices. This means not eating fast food every night for the next 2-6 weeks. Eat food that nourishes your body, pleases your palette and gives you the energy to push through the renovation.

  2. Temporary Kitchen. A temporary kitchen requires only a few components. A fridge, Sink (camp style or temporary hook-up) microwave and hotplate.

  3. Eat Out. If you are going to eat prepared food, you'd might as well escape your project and sit down somewhere that is not dusty, dirty, and noisy. Take advantage of this time to invite friends and family out for a nice meal to break up the chaos of your renovation. Take everyone up on their invitations to feed and entertain you in their homes, and enjoy their company. You'll return the favor when you get back into your own space.

  4. Embrace BBQ cooking- Pre-made salad from the grocery store + a nice steak= a really great dinner. Your BBQ has the benefit of not requiring a pan for cooking meats while keeping the smells out of the house while you don't have a range hood.

  5. Go easy on the dishes- Compostable paper plates are a great way to cut down on dishes while you are working in your temporary kitchen. There are also options for cutlery, but honestly, it's not much work to wash a few forks and spoons, so its probably not worth investing in compostable forks and spoons.

  6. DIY Meal services. All the ingredients for 3-5 meals a week come in one box, with just enough of everything to fully prepare your dinner. Bonus-If you are cooking for two, order the meals portioned for 4, and you have lunch every day for a week too! I really like Hello Fresh for this.

Do you have any tips from surviving your renovation?

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