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Ask a Friend?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I love working with clients. We form friendships over the course of a project, and I get to know their taste, style and we form a bond, problem solving together around finishes, styles and site challenges. One thing many of my clients commiserate about is making final decisions, and the conversation I have time and time again is "my friend says...", "My Mother-in-law thinks...", or "My husband thinks we should consider...":

I don't like that floor color

won't it scratch?

isn't that dated?

I wouldn't do that,

It's just my opinion but...

what if you change *everything*

have you considered *a completely different direction*

It's not my taste....

And my client is left with a feeling of defeat and lose confidence that they are making the right decision. So, how do you overcome this in your project? How do you know what advice to take with you on your renovation journey, and what to ignore?

Here are three things to consider before you take that advice;


1. Believe in yourself! Believe that you know what you like. That you are making the right decisions, that you are the expert on your own amazing taste! When Aunt Julie tells you that the dog is going to scratch the hardwood floor you chose, and you should do tile because that is what she did 10 years ago, say thanks for the advice, and then quietly discard it if it doesn't resonate to you (because seriously Aunt Julie, you have a 90lb Rottweiler, and I have a 20lb lap dog)

2. Consider the sources taste and background. Do you love everything about their home and would you love to live in it? do you covet their pinterest boards, and instagram-stalk them for ideas in inspiration? no? then they may not be the best source to tell you what YOU like. Remember, your project is a reflection of who you are. I'm not saying pursue your project in a vacuum, but rather than open the doors for the friend to pick your project apart, frame it as presentation of what you love, by using language that communicates how excited and confident you are in your choices. IF this is a friend you know and love, and trust to know you as well as you know yourself, then confide that your not convinced that you are making the right choice by choosing that white tile for your shower walls and ask if they'll brainstorm with you.

3. Trust your design professional. OR, if you just can't get Aunt Julie's concerns out of your mind, ask for a second opinion from someone else whose work you admire. I work with interior designers all time that my clients bring in to be a second pair of eyes on a project, and love to refer out to a trusted list of my favorite design professionals when my client needs a bit of extra support. I am a strong, strong believer that the best advice you can get is the advice you pay for, and the best professionals will recommend additional support and work with other professionals seamlessly and professionally.

So, are you ready? lets talk about your project and come up with a way to put your worries at ease and make some decisions.

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