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The power of pictures

OK, so lets talk about pictures. This project is big. IT IS SO BIG! You will spend more money on your home than you will anything else in your life, and put great trust in the contractors and suppliers you will worth with throughout this project.

Wouldn't it be helpful if you could tell them what you are expecting? some sort of tool to communicate what you want the finished product to look like?

ah, a finished picture of what it will look like when its done!

Doesn't it help when you can see the results for themselves? before committing to tearing down walls, ordering windows and signing the dotted line on your cabinet order?

One of the key benefits of working with a space planner directly, rather than going through the kitchen cabinet maker, or contractor, is that we get to sit down and do this together. 'What would it look like if' is not a question, but a strategy for designing a space that is a reflection of you, while considering where to best put the garbage, cutlery and microwave.

As they say... a Picture is worth a thousand words.

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