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Bathroom Sconces

Light matters. There are so many ways to light a space, and variables to take into account.

Wall sconces in bathrooms are ALL the rage right now, for good reason. They light the face evenly from the sides, eliminating shadows, they don't cause glare, and they offer a decorative focal point in the space. Placement is everything though, and so consider the following factors;

  • how many sinks?

  • one vanity length mirror or one mirror per sink?

  • the design of the vanity

  • vanity length

I recently went though the process of laying out the lighting for a client, and drew these up for reference; BEFORE designing the cabinetry for the space, we had to establish how we wanted to frame the space at eye level. Here are 4 drawing showing 4 different options for spacing the sconces she had already bought for her double ensuite vanity

. Mirrors were picked, but not confirmed.

The differences are subtle, but notable.

This is the design we ended up running with;

Lots of storage, everything is centered, and the space between the mirrors and sconces is symmetrical and well scaled. The vanity was more expensive than what we had previously selected, because it had two extra narrow drawer banks on the ends.

Are you struggling with a detail like this in your space? reach out and we can work through it!

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